The story of Nat’s journey to where she is today is almost unbelievable. Her transformation has seen her go from being a reckless drug taking party girl living the Ibiza lifestyle to now being voted one of the Top 50 Inspirational Women to follow on Linkedin.

She's now a Motivational Speaker, Women in Tech and the Founder of Sustainable Flow and On-Air Radio. Her company has a leading solution to solve the worlds biggest problem of air pollution and is being taken seriously by the powers that be after presenting the technology at the All Party Parliamentary Group in 2018. Her company presented a simple magnetic solution that reduces carbon emissions by up to 70% on all engines including reductions in NOx levels by up to 60%.

She says she mainly owes her transformational journey down to her power of belief in the things we can not see. The world many of us know as energy and vibration.

The idea for her unique company came to her during one of her first meditations. With this clear but strange vision in mind, she remained on her path and decided to follow the magic of signs and synchronicities that started to show up in her life. She found her self being guided into the world of quantum physics, future tech and then into the automotive industry of all places. None of which she knew anything about when she started.

The more she looked the more she found and the information that was coming through excited her. Through support from her friends and family, she was guided to continue her unusual path as they to could see everything she was finding had some common meaning and it could, in fact, be a solution to changing the world as we know it.

Along, her journey to who she is today she gave up drugs in 2011, Alcohol in 2014 and she even gave up sex for two and a half years to get to know her self on a deeper level knowing that these things were acting as a distraction from her path of inner knowledge

She took to studying Business Sustainability Management at Cambridge University and it was then that she realized what all the signs she kept receiving were about.

She tells the story of her unusual journey with humour and respect and engages the audience into believing they too can do anything with the power of belief behind them. She launches her new fly on the wall documentary in June 2019 which lets the public take a sneak peek behind the scenes as she launches her tech company on to the MDX Blockchain who are backed by Thomas Routers.

Her UK university tour is set for October 2019 and is the start of the public awareness campaign to engage the masses to join as one and take fun, easy but very important steps to save the planet from the negative effects Climate Change.

Her tour is being managed by Fiotios Vasileiou

Lecturer in Management & Business Economics & Programme Leader BSc in Events Management.