our first documentary is set in Iceland

Date: 26th - 30th April 2019



Reason for the trip

Our team will be joining British Polar explorer Robert Swan and his son Barney on an epic adventure to Iceland in aid of Barney's global project, Climate Force 2041. This expedition enables individuals in the corporate world to learn vital skills in a solid Leadership & Sustainability Program that aims to provide education around the issue of climate change. We will be interviewing Robert and his team about the journey and views on what more they feel can be done to save the planet. Check out the itinerary here.


In front of the camera

Nat Rich, is a Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur in Sustainability and Ex Radio Presenter in Ibiza. This fly on the wall documentary series follows Nat as she begins her journey on a personal mission to unite all the people of the world under one global movement thats ready combat climate change head on. After studying Sustainability at Cambridge University, Nat realised that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) set out in 2015’s Paris Agreement were missing just one vital thing, a united show of support from the people to combat the biggest issues we face on our planet today. Click to read more about the Global Mission.


Behind the camera

Ian McCann, is a multi award winning professional in cinematography and the winner of Channel 4’s Best Short Film Award. He will be the videographer for this epic adventure along with a small support team on hand to help everything run smoothly. Ian is a veteran when it comes to filming in remote locations and has a history of explorations behind him spanning over 30 years. He will be using both arial drone footage and on the ground equipment to generate the full view of the expedition in order to capture as much content as he can to support Nat on her global mission.

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