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GET Your own Meditation

If you’re having trouble connecting to meditation or feeling like you can’t quite get the hang of it, don’t panic, there is a way. I record personal meditations for your specific needs helping you to connect with who you truly are on a deeper level. Just sit back and let the magic work for you. Click here to get yours.


Monthly Membership

I Am Sound is a subscription based membership focused on helping people deal with life’s most awkward moments. We talk about our most painful and embarrassing moments, being let down, misunderstood, confused, rejected, lonely, over whelmed and everything else that life chucks at us. We also discuss dreams, reality, relationships, family life and how we can find peace in this crazy world and understand our emotions. Our industry launch is on the 3rd October at The Ministry in London and our main launch is at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Music) on the 18th of October 2019. You’ll hear interviews from some of the worlds leading minds and funny stories of awkward truths from many of the people you look up too. This is a private membership group for people who feel the term ‘Mental Health’ doesn’t quite fit their situation but ultimately know they need to get some outside help to see a little more clearly. Click for more

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Just an Idea

Whilst in the bath I came up with a simple idea of how we can save the planet. It’s a global game show that could be played every week for a whole year. It’s such a simple idea and is easily the best solution to adopting the focus of the masses for the greater good. It’s like a travel show but with an epic twist based upon personal development and revealing some hidden truths about our world and its history. I don’t know if it will ever happen but I love the idea. Click here to find out more.