Motivational Speaking

Being able to talk openly and vulnerably about what hurt me the most is life has proven to be quite an interesting subject. Sharing the struggles as well as the achievements is what inspires people to take the lead in their own life. It's clear to me that all of our struggles are someone else’s motivation. 

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I can only inspire people from a place of truth and although my truth may be hard to hear for some, it is indeed whats needed for students of all ages. I share my stories authentically and with humour. I touch on points of addictions, various types of abuse, sexual mistakes and epic adventures that all role into what I call my life. After getting positive feed back from speaking at both Regents University and GSM London I soon realised that the raw facts of my unusual personal journey into the entrepreneurial world that I find myself in today had a strong and positive effect on the young minds who witnessed these talks.

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Starting a DJ career that ultimately lead me to having a mental breakdown is not a regret of mine but it was a very difficult time in my life. Maybe one of the toughest. Trying to please people, wanting to be liked and following your own ego down a traitorous path is the mistake many artists make today. Knowing your personal boundaries just as well as you know your music library is rare in todays music scene but it doesn't have to be. I’m a mentor at both the DJ Growth Lab & the Get Booked Academy and host panels and participate in talks along side industry leaders such as Roger Sanchez, Hauswerkz and Data Transmissions Graham Farmer as many others.