GUIDED MEDITATIONS TO help you find some much needed peace in your life.

Meditation can be fun

But you don’t have to become this dude in order to meditate. Sitting in stillness doesn’t need to be a struggle nor does it need to be something you post on Instagram. It’s about starting your day the right way by feeling calm, inspired and at peace with your life. Without meditation in my life, I would not be where I am today, it’s been my only constant and it’s bought me to a level of self-awareness that is beyond words.


For those of you who have tried meditations before you will know that there are 1000’s of ways you can float off into the ether/void for a little rest. There are so many ways to try such as TM also known as Transcendental Meditation, Mindfulness, Body Scanning, Chakra Alignment, Breath Work, Kundalini, Zen and many more. They all have their own unique benefits.

Personally, I found my own way to meditate over 5 years ago and since then it’s the style I practice the most. I quite literally imagine myself dissolving into the chair until I feel like I actually have dissolved. Once I reach that state of where I can’t tell the difference between the chair and my body my mind has managed to slow down to such a pace that pretty much no thoughts arrive. Then after hanging around in this zone for a while (no idea how long that is because I am in it) my mind expands in such a way that I seem to be connected to everything all at once and even if I tried to think of something NOTHING would come. It’s a space of absolute bliss and oneness. From this place you ultimately know that you are connected to everything and there is no such thing as time or space. Here I am in a complete zone of pure nothingness but I am aware I am also everything all at the same time. It’s great but takes some practice to get there and that space is not reached every time. The one I just mentioned above is and should always be a free practice that you can do on your own, anywhere and at any time to get better at it.


The meditations I offer are slightly different from those mentioned above. The recordings I do are personal guided ones. They are focused on your deepest desires and are designed to empower you into a healthier state of mind. They can be used every morning before you start your day or whenever you need a pick me up.


Why not empower yourself on a daily basis? If you knew you could listen to something every day that would inspire you on a personal level to being the best version of yourself, or if you knew that you could raise your vibration and attract in the right circumstances to help you grow and align with your truth then I’m sure you would be up for sparing a few minutes of your day for such a thing, no?

This mediation could be designed just to put you back in a good mood when you feel sad, low or angry. It really is tailor-made to suit your needs and to help you get the best out of your day.

WHAT SUBJECTS Can be included?

You can include anything that you feel you may be struggling with and that if achieved would enhance your general well being. Things such as relief from anxiety, coping with depression, financial freedom, loving relationships, unlimited abundance, forgiveness, unwavering peace, acceptance, breaking habits that no longer serve you, manifesting the perfect job, finding your truth, living in your truth, self love, facing your fears, building your boundaries, helping you sleep, getting through a break up, accepting rejection, death of a loved one, ultimate confidence and anything else you can think of. We have an initial call that will help you determine what you need to focus on and where I should focus my energy when recording the meditations.


The idea is for you to meditate when you feel you need to. Building up a daily practice in the morning is my personal suggestion but some people prefer to meditate in the evenings or at lunch. The best time to do it is whenever you feel stressed or need that extra emotional lift. Just 5 minutes of guided meditation to help you calm your nerves and come back to your centre is often enough. Remember that there is no time NOT to meditate other than when you are driving or or operating heavy machinery. Both of which can be done but I don’t recommend you try either. The meditations listened to at bedtime also but I will need to know this before I record it. The reason being is that I can deliver very powerful and energetic meditations that inspire you and leave you feeling excited but this is not good if you need to get to sleep.

WHERE can I hear my meditation?



If you don’t already know about Insight Timer you need to check it out. I’m a registered Meditation Teacher on the app and use it daily for my own practice. I like to see the stats when I do things so being able to see how long I have meditated for and to see a simple star awarded to me when I have reached certain milestones makes me happy and it keeps me going when I need the extra push. So as well as sending you an MP3 version of your personal meditation I will also upload a copy of it to my teaching platform if you wish so that you can do your very own meditation on a daily basis via the app to help build up your own personal practice. Trust me, tracking your daily score is a game changer.

How long will the meditation be?

This will differ between each person. Some people will prefer short and direct inspiration for it to work and others may need a good ten minutes of motivational speaking to get them going. Some of you may choose to have a whole hour recording but then others will never be able to spare an hour for such a thing. We will determine all we need to know on the consultation call. Please note: A full hours meditation will priced differently.

How long will it take before I receive my recording?

You will receive your recording within 7 days from your consultation. Please note that if you choose to have your personalised meditation posted on Insight Timer you will need to allow time for their team to process it. This can take around 14 days.

What will the consultation be about?

This is a series of questions that I ask you that will allow me to tune in to your needs and to really help you get clear on what you would like to focus on. Confusion around self-healing, growth work and personal development is common so we need to make sure that we have everything covered before I record. You will, however, get 1 edit slot with your booking which means that we can make changes if you feel something is missing or if you need to take something away. These are very personal matters so I am happy to help you get clear on what you want to hear.

Can I post my meditation on social media?

All the meditations I record are run through licensing software called Stem which means I own the copyrights to the recording. I ask that you notify me first before posting anything and that you tag me or credit me in the post as the creator and guiding people to my website. I don’t have a personal or work social media account as I find them distracting but links to my website would be appreciated. (

Polite notice:

Without sounding too spooky I would like you to know that my words have been known to be extremely powerful and that when I ask for things or call things into my life or for the life of others they quite often come true. I see this skill as a gift although for many years it was a curse. I have since worked on myself enough to know that I must honour all people with my love and kindness and that when I do these meditations the client must agree that he or she consents to me recording something for them that may be the catalyst for significant change within their life. I can not be held responsible for such changes. How you receive the meditation is down to you. I can create magic but it’s up to you to use it correctly. I am always on hand if people need to talk about anything that may come up when using the meditation. It’s good to process new feelings and experiences with others sometimes.

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Awareness is a gift

Whether you order a meditation for yourself or get one as a gift for a friend, by simply setting an intention to improve ones life you will inevitably bring in the change that’s needed.