What is a founding member?

If you sign up before May 30th you get access to the brand new I’m Sound membership run by me Nat Rich. Every Wednesday I’ll be hosting live webinars with some of the music industries well known faces and serious movers and shakers.

Our chats won’t have anything to do with your finest tech skills because our focus is on what really matters, your people skills!

We will be looking at the good, the bad, the funny and mostly the awkward moments of life in the music industry.

Talks will cover self development, personal responsibility, communication skills, ownership of feelings, emotional awareness and we have experts involved if we go down the route of mental health, although not all problems are mental health problems as you will explore. Some of us just have general life problems that can escalate towards mental health if not dealt with.

You get to jump the queue when submitting questions into our guests.

You get the chance to come on to the live webinars to speak directly with our speakers.

You get first refusal on our Ibiza Villa Retreats where we will be learning about the true power sound, vibration and its ancient history. As well as its real healing properties and the weird and wonderful of world of sacred geometry and cymatics. It will blow your mind.

As well as exclusive offers to all our future events, plus offers from our partners and guest speakers along the way.

Oh don’t forget you only pay $20 per month FOR LIFE!