A GREAT DAY - Daily TV Show Could start January 1st 2020

The Facts: 

Energy is all around us but to be able to use its power you need to know how it works. To make something happen you need to focus on it. You need to align yourself with the things you desire and consistently focus your attention on removing all the blocks you may have in the way of you reaching your goal. 

The Why:

To achieve anything good in this life it requires a small but powerful daily practice and consistent discipline see change for the better. We need a new story in our world for ourselves and our children to come.

The Truth:

The global messages on climate change are confusing and negative. Our media does not support the greater goal. We need to focus on positive but authentic issues to see a much-needed change in our daily life. A change that we can feel and see on a personal level within ourselves and our loved ones. 

Corrupt political systems, corporate greed, daily pollution and bad human habits are some of the reasons we find ourselves in this mess we face today. As Einstein once said 

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." 

We simply can't find the solution to uniting the people by using the same systems that lead us here. 

The Confusion: 

Bringing together communities for sustainable projects are only part of the solution. For anyone who truly understands consciousness and energy, you will know it requires deep self-reflection. No one can do that for you. Group work can be useful but inner work is the KEY. 

The Focus:

Inner focus is our only hope for changing the world around us. We need to change the global narrative of Climate Change and help people to look inside themselves FIRST before they rush to try and save the world. Good intentions are not enough. We need real commitment which can only come from true self awareness.

The Solution:

Great Day is a daily show that will stream every morning for the whole of 2020 supporting the true and much needed inner growth of the masses. Reminding people of who they really are and that they have POWER even if it doesn't feel like it. We will be inspiring people to take the journey of personal development to make significant changes to their own lives which naturally will pave way for a true global transformation.

Every morning you can TUNE in to a positive mood enhancing narrative and make small but needed changes on a personal level so that you can consciously work towards the greater goals we have for Climate Change. The show will include happy and uplifting content that is well researched with solid scientific information to support the claims that sometimes sound too strange to believe. 

Each week will cover a different theme related to Personal Development such as;

  • Avoidance 

  • Boundaries

  • Communication 

  • Respect

  • Judgement 

  • Fear 

  • plus many more

Each show will be split into 5 parts

  • Positive News Highlights

  • Mind-blowing science or alternative tales of history explained (Interviews where possible to expand the minds) 

  • Thought of the day to positively inspire how you show up in the world

  • The daily suggestion of how to affect someone else's life in a positive way

  • Track of the day to keep the vibes high

Each week we will round up with;

  • Educational and thought-provoking documentary of the week

  • Book of the week to open the mind

  • Person of the week to follow who's changing the course of history. (leading inspirational person in positions of positive power)

This will be a daily transformative show like no other. It will be streamed globally with subtitles for other languages) from social media channels and an independent broadcast channel. 

The Results:

We have FAITH that the global energy created from this daily single focus of attention can be enough to realign the masses with a positive narrative that has the power to transform the lives of millions of people.

Helping them tune into themselves on a daily basis to combat their personal troubles in a fun, creative and safe way is the best we can do to help people move to their own freedom.   

Remember: We can come together to support the inner work of many but we can never do it for them.

Reasons Not To Do This:

We can’t think of one. You never know until you try. 

Let's come together and try something new and most of all FUN!

Never forget the power you have.

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