A little bit about me


I have three businesses.

One in sustainability, one in music and one in personal development as a Personal Responsibility Coach. Luckily for me they all connect to one another so I guess you could call me an entrepreneur. I also do voiceovers, motivational speaking and charity work. If something comes up that I love to do, then I do it. It’s as simple as that!

How did I get to where I am? I accepted that things always change, worked hard, believed in magic and followed the signs that showed up pointing me in the right directions. Oh an I ignored 90% of the people who said to me “You need to choose just one thing and stick to it.”


I came back alive from a messy season in Ibiza in 2009. Does that count as an achievement? I do also live there all year round now, so I think many would consider that as one. What else? Mmmm, oh I studied Business Sustainability Management at Cambridge University and also Advanced Radio Production at Point Blank Music School in London. I also gave up chemical drugs in 2011 and alcohol in 2014 and I’m still sober today. They may be my biggest achievements to date. I even gave up sex for 2.5 years to see what else I could learn about myself but thats a whole other story. I have also somehow managed to stay single (without dying of loneliness lol) for a total of 10 years. Not many people would think that is an achievement, but it’s been enlightening for me to find and meet my own needs as much as I can. I now know what other needs I have that can only be met by other people, so I am clear on that and I strongly believe that intimate connections and needs are there to be explored. True monogamous relationships are sacred and worth waiting for until you fully know who you are and have met the right person to go deeper with. So there was no need to rush anything in my case! Oh and due to all this I learnt patience along the way too.

My interests

Reading, singing, playing music, walking with my tribe of friends in Ibiza and my dog Raymond. I also love to give talks at universities and businesses about self awareness. I listen to a crazy amount of audio books on consciousness, sacred geometry, business, ancient history and aliens and I am obsessed with all the things they don’t teach you at school.

Life’s missions

To explore myself and the world as much as I can and to be free of addictions as they tend to mess things up. I wake up happy most days and for me that is one hell of an achievement. I find that goals ruin me and put me into a striving energy that it’s damaging to my health. So I decided on NO GOALS life.